Pollution Control Consultancy and Design

Acoustical Consultants (Noise and Vibration) - Sydney

Examples of clients of Pollution Control Consultancy and Design (PCCD)

With our comprehensive academic qualifications coupled with extensive practical engineering experience and technical skills, and with our all-inclusive, world-class, specialist measuring equipment and software, we will find effective solutions to essentially any noise problems.

PCCD provides services relating to measurement, assessment and control of noise and vibration for a broad range of clients: from private individuals to large industry. Our clients include:

1.   SMALL and LARGE INDUSTRIES that require:
  • an approval from the EPA or local council for a new industrial operation or for modification of an existing industrial operation;
  • a verification of compliance with pollution control approval and/or licence conditions;
  • a pollution reduction program (PRP);
  • a voluntary (confidential, non-incriminatory) environmental audit;
  • a comprehensive (all-inclusive) occupational noise survey;
  • to reduce emission of excessive noise;
  • to install a new pollution control system.
  • an assessment of road, rail and/or air traffic noise, and ground vibration affecting proposed residential sites;
  • a certification of compliance with Australian/New Zealand Standard: Acoustics - Recommended design sound levels and reverberation times for building interiors (AS/NZS 2107:2000) and/or with Building Code of Australia (BCA);
  • an Environmental Impact Statement [or its part(s), specialist reports, such as a noise or vibration assessment], for an industrial development.
3.   OFFICE, HOTEL and APARTMENT MANAGERS, and BUILDERS who need to know:
  • how to reduce noise from building services (air-conditioners, ventilation fans, pumps, cooling towers, emergency generators);
  • the size, structure and position of an effective noise control barrier (timber, brick or acrylic walls);
  • through which elements of a building the noise penetrates into a room (measurements of the sound intensity over walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors).
4.    PUBS, NIGHT-CLUBS and DISCOTHÈQUES that need to resolve their noise problem by:
  • modification/improvement of the building (pinpointing noise "leaks" by measurements the sound intensity;
  • effective noise control at the mixing desk.
5.    PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS whose residences are exposed to excessive:
  • aircraft, railway and/or road traffic noise;
  • noise from neighbours' air-conditioners or swimming pool and/or spa pumps.


Some of our clients

•    ABC Casting
•    Abigroup
•    Ajax Foundry
•    Alfa Laval
•    Alpha Flight Services
•    Amcor Aerosols and Amcor Packaging (Australia)
•    Anzpac
•    Arenco
•    Austral Bricks
•    Avery Dennison Office Products (Unistat)
•    Bannisters Hotels (Mollymook)
•    Belrose Quarry (Benedict Sand and Gravel)
•    Bettergrow
•    BHP (West Cliff Colliery, BTM Tube Products, Appin Mine, Clyde-Curruthers)
•    Builders Recycling Operations
•    Burwell Group of Companies
•    Business Land Group (Landcom)
•    Busways
•    Buttercup Bakeries
•    C&M Bricks
•    Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals
•    Carlton United (Bulmers Australia)
•    Carter Holt Harvey (Riverwood Cartons)
•    CHEP Australia
•    Cleanaway
•    Coles
•    Containers Packaging
•    Croda Herberts
•    CSL Australia
•    CSR Shipping (CSR)
•    Dairy Farmers
•    Daracon
•    Darrell Lea Chocolate
•    Delta Electricity
•    Department of Immigration
•    Dominio's Pizza
•    Doric
•    Downer Australia
•    Ecco Restaurant
•    Erskine Park Quarry (NSW)
•    Fernandes Construction
•    Fernz Construction Materials (Davco Australia)
•    Gartner-Rose
•    Gloria Jean's Coffees
•    Gypsum Resources Australia (GRA)
•    Hannanprint
•    Hilti
•    Imperial Hotel (Picton)
•    Incitec
•    Integral Energy
•    Interflow
•    Ixom
•    J.J. Richards & Sons
•    James Hardie Building Products (James Hardie Australia)
•    John Holland
•    Key Plastics
•    Kiama Leagues Club
•    Kirk Engineering
•    Lafarge Plasterboard
•    Laing O'Rourke
•    Media Press
•    Metalcorp Recyclers (Metalcorp Limited)
•    Metgasco
•    Monarch (Renlita Overhead Doors)
•    Monroe Springs (Tenneco Automotive)
•    Mountrose House (Sutton Forest)
•    Mt Hunter Quarry (Nepean Quarries
•    Myer
•    Nonferral (NSW)
•    North Sydney Leagues Club
•    NSW Rural Fire Service
•    P&O Cold (Versacold) Logistics
•    Panthers
•    Parramatta City Raceway
•    Parramatta Stadium
•    Philips
•    Pioneer Road Services
•    QT Sydney
•    Rail Infrastructure Corporation (RIC)
•    RCR Infrastructure | RCR Haden
•    Reed Constructions Australia
•    Royal Oak Hotel (Parramatta)
•    Ryder
•    Schaefer Systems International
•    Sebel Furniture
•    Select Civil
•    Siemens
•    Sims E-Recycling
•    Southern Sheet Coil 
•    Sulzer Pumps
•    Sydney Gas Operations
•    Sydney Water
•    Tenix Alliance (Enetech)
•    Tooheys
•    Total Construction
•    Valvoline (Australia)
•    Veolia (Vivendi) Water
•    Westfield - Bondi Junction
•    Wollongong WIN Stadium
•    Yorkshire Fittings